Product Portfolio

Through our partners around the world we are able to offer:

Anti Corrosive Pigments: 

Nanoguard ACP DCP - Non toxic environmentally   friendly replacement for Zinc Phosphate

Nanoguard ACP2 - Non toxic, non carcinogenic environmentally friendly replacements for Zinc Chromate, Zinc Potassium Chromate and Zinc tetraoxychromate

Nanoguard ACP3 - Non toxic Zinc free for phenalkamine and epoxy systems based on activated magnesium phosphate

Synthetic Iron Oxides (Red, Yellow, Black)

Epoxy Resins

Epoxy Curing Agents


Reactive diluents

Perchloroethylene - for dry cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning baths and refinery catalysts

Zinc Oxide (all grades from pellets for rubber to fine pharmaceutical grades)

Speciality Resins (Styrenated, Polysiloxane modified, Vinyl toluene)

Anti skinning agents (MEKO, Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime)

Alkyd Resins

Paint driers

Sensowhite 2 and Sensowhite 4 (Barium sulphate surface treated replacements for Blanc Fixe and Titanium Dioxide)

SensoTalc (Micronised)

Anti foams

Coalescent agents including multi functional products

Plasticisers (phthalate free)

Potassium Hydroxide